Maya Skills

Maya Skills brings together the women of Utatlan whose human rights were violated during the civil war in Guatemala (1960 – 1996). Their fathers, husbands and sons were kidnapped and assassinated by the Guatemalan National Army. These women have been living in terror and destructive silence ever since.

Their first project was to break their silence by sharing their personal stories, which were published in the book, “Voces Rompiendo el Silencio de Utatlan” (Voices Breaking the Silence in Utatlan). The United Nations and the Norweigan government provided funding to publish the book in 2006.

One objective of the book is to seek justice; another is to create a historical conscience for new generations to ensure that terror and injustice are never repeated.

The objective of their current project begum in 2007 is to improve their families’ economic wellbeing. Using their artistic skills, they are making the finest beaded jewelry in Guatemala.

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